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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reset or delete my organization from Zoho Books?
No, it is not possible to reset your Zoho Books organization. The only option would be to delete the organization and create a new one. To delete an organization, please follow the instructions below : - Click on the organization name on the top right corner and select Manage Organizations. - In the following page, you will see a list of all your organizations. - Click on the delete option under the organization you wish to remove. - Confirm your action by clicking on Yes in the pop-up that follows. Here are some things you should know : - The organization should not be under any Paid plan. - The user who is deleting the organization must be the current Admin user of the organization. - The Zoho CRM integration must be disabled. - If you have enabled the client portal for a few contacts, deleting the organization will not allow your customers to access/view their previous transactions with your organization. - If you’ve enabled bank feeds for this organization, deleting the organization will disable this integration and you will no longer be able to fetch your bank transactions.
How do I enable Two Factor Authentication for my Zoho Books account?
You can access all of Zoho’s Apps using a Single Sign-On (SSO), which means that you can use any service from Zoho using the same email address and password. You can enhance the security of your account by enabling Two Factor Authentication (TFA). It is a n extra layer of security in which a user is identified using a combination of different methods. If TFA is enabled in a Zoho account, the user will be identified by: Step 1: Email Address (Username) and a unique password. Step 2: A verification code sent to a registered mobile number or a code generated by Google Authenticator. To enable Two Factor Authentication (TFA) for your account: - Go to and login with your registered email address and password. - Click on Two Factor Authentication. - Select the mode using which you wish to authenticate your profile. (SMS or Google Authenticator). For TFA using the Google Authenticator mode : - Select Google Authenticator and click Next. - Download and install the Google Authenticator app in your phone (Android/iOS) from the app store. Learn more about Installing Google Authenticator. - Using the app, scan the QR code present in the Zoho accounts page. - Enter the verification code generated by the Google Authenticator. - Click Save once verified successfully. Follow the steps as mentioned above, to setup, verify and confirm the addition of Two Factor Authentication for your account.

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